Strategies to promote good physical health in education

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at the online event "Strategies to promote good physical health in education".

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in children and young people as well as in young workers are worryingly high. Involving schools in occupational safety and health issues can help prevent this. Integrating safety and health in education is essential in developing a culture of prevention for students.

But how can educational establishments, especially schools, contribute to the early and long-term prevention of MSDs? The event offers experts from the fields of occupational safety and health, public health and education a platform to exchange on how schools, especially teachers, head-teachers and parents, can be reached with the issue of MSDs. The workshop will focus on a strategic approach to systematically integrate the promotion of physical health into school development and enhance the quality of education.

The online workshop is a contribution to the priority area "MSDs and future generations" within EU-OSHAs campaign "Lighten the load 2020-22". The event is aimed at the Focal Points of EU-OSHA, the international community of ENETOSH as well as persons and organisations dealing with physical health issues in the context of learning and the education system. The workshop is organised by ENETOSH in cooperation with EU-OSHA and supported by BAuA as the German Focal Point of EU-OSHA.



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